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Margarida Jon

I'm extremely afraid of dogs so having a dog as a pet has always been a big no-no until I met Momo and Bonbon! Seeing my daughter Ava playing so happily with them almost make me want to go to a breeder right away to get a puppy for her! They are THAT cute! I feel extremely sad about Momo's passing and even our friendship has been a short one, her impact on my life and Ava's has been a big one! Momo, the M.A.D. family will miss you dearly!!!

Victor Lan
I remember the first day when I met Momo at Chris' house.  She was very excited and friendly, and tried to lick me many times.

I remember being amazed at how high Momo could jump when she was excited, especially when she saw us bring out the leash.  Her head must have reached our shoulders' height!

I remember being equally amazed at how long Momo could remain standing on her hind legs.  She would do that after we finished dinner and went away with leftover food on our kitchen table.  I wish I had captured that in photos.

I remember the early morning last spring when Chris called me to say that Momo ran away from her house.  I immediately drove there and did a neighbourhood search with Chris and Bonbon together.  On the far opposite end of the street we saw a man working on his driveway.  We explained our situation and described Momo to him.  Soon after he and his son saw Momo and "captured" her and went looking for us.  We must have been walking for more than an hour before they finally found us.  They drove by us and we saw Momo happily sitting on the son's lap on the passenger side, oblivious to the emotional rollercoaster that she had put us through.

Momo will always be the happy-go-lucky dog that we know her to be.  She is probably playing with other dogs in heaven right now not knowing how much she is being missed.

I knew Momo for only two and a half years, and wish that I could know her for longer.  But I know that knowing her for longer would not change how much I love her, because I already love her as much as I can.  I miss her very very much.
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